About us

The Festival of Maintenance is a community event, run by volunteers.  It happened for the first time in London, UK, on Saturday 22nd September 2018.

We are now planning the festival for 2019. If you would like to help as part of our volunteer team, get in touch: festivalofmaintenance@gmail.com

We were inspired by discussions at Maker Assembly, where we discussed the sustainability of making, maker communities and maker spaces, and the way that innovation and new things are championed, whereas maintenance is often less visible, less valued – and yet essential.  (Read more about that here: From Making to Maintaining)

We want to make the Festival accessible to those most interested in maintenance – maintainers themselves in many cases! – and keep ticket prices as low as we can. If you’d like to attend the event but are unable to afford to, please send us an email explaining why you’d like to attend. We will have some tickets set aside for those who need them most, and/or who can help with the event (for instance by taking notes in some sessions, or transcribing recordings).

Support the Festival

If you can help with sponsorship, we’ll be able to support speakers (especially those from further afield) properly. We are particularly seeking sponsors for lunch, coffee/tea breaks, and for livestreaming support and to create an online archive of the event. Contact festivalofmaintenance@gmail.com to discuss sponsorship options.

2018 Festival Sponsors

The Festival of Maintenance in 2018 was made possible by our wonderful sponsors:

Maker Assembly

Maker Assembly is a gathering of makers. We aim to make a home for critical discussion about maker culture: its meaning, politics, history and future.

Maintain our Heritage

Maintain our Heritage is a small not-for-profit group campaigning to get historic building owners and institutions to recognise the importance of the everyday, routine maintenance.


Thank you for your support, without which the Festival would not be possible.

Festival team

Laura James LBJ.org.uk @LaurieJ

The low recognition and reward for maintaining things that matter, compared to the kudos and resources for shiny new things, has long frustrated me. Inspired at a Maker Assembly event in December 2017, I instigated the Festival and it’s been great to see the energy and enthusiasm of others, working together to make this happen 🙂

Naomi Turner @Naomi_Turner

Ross Dalziel cheapjack.org.uk @cheapjack

Frustrated with assumptions around the Maker meme that miss the point of the Dark Matter of Makerspaces and obscure an important part of technical culture; a communal resilience that sits just below the surface of the shiny stuff. I’m interested in the opportunity to articulate this in STEM/STEAM education and beyond. Also slowly discovering the maintenance required in bio-science through research at Lancaster University. Once you put on the maintenance glasses you see it everywhere!

Neyanya Schiff

Jackie Pease @jackie_pease

Tati Wells (.Abya Yala.) @tacira
From Brazil and beyond. Metareciclagem.

Marc Barto @marc_in_london 

Hwa Young Jung

Alex Lennon

Festival location

2018 is the first year of the Festival – we hope there will be more!  We really wanted to run it in the UK outside London, but all the advice we had from folks who have run other volunteer and community events was that London is the best choice for the first year, to draw people in.  We balanced this out with a satellite event at the same time at DoES Liverpool, where folks gathered to watch the Festival talks remotely.

If it goes well, and we have enough keen volunteers to run the Festival again, we’ll be looking to go elsewhere in the UK for 2019.


Formally, the event is produced by Newton Halewood Ltd. If you have any questions, please contact laura@newton-halewood.co.uk.