Liverpool 2019: Maintenance in Complex and Changing Times

The 2019 Festival will take place on Saturday 28th September in Liverpool. Get in touch if you’d like to help as a volunteer, or are interested in sponsoring the event.

Tickets are just £15 and on sale now.

Following the success of the inaugural Festival of Maintenance in 2018, this September we will reconvene in Liverpool to celebrate the work of maintainers. This year’s Festival explores what maintenance means in complex and changing times, bringing together new stories about creativity, craftsmanship, and the challenges of maintenance.

The world around us is changing rapidly: mobile technologies, data and connectivity have become normal parts of work and social life, with profound impacts on society and politics. If the digital world is not separate to the real world, what does this mean for the way that things are maintained, fixed and cared for? Maintenance and repair are just as important as innovation, but sometimes these ideas seem left behind. Amidst the rapid pace of innovation, have we missed opportunities to design things so that they can be fixed?

This doesn’t only relate to everyday consumer objects, but also the massive, resource-intensive infrastructures for the internet and digital systems. Maintenance keeps things working – but the essential work of fixing, repair, care and upkeep of everything from public parks, databases to people and communities is often overlooked. Behind this are bigger questions about public values, the way our economies are changing, and the wider impacts on politics and society.


The Fashion Hub
12-14 Gildart Street
L3 8ET

A 10 minute walk from Liverpool Lime Street railway station.