Festival Team

Meet the team of volunteers.

Laura James

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The low recognition and reward for maintaining things that matter, compared to the kudos and resources for shiny new things, has long frustrated me. Inspired at a Maker Assembly event in December 2017, I instigated the Festival and it’s been great to see the energy and enthusiasm of others, working together to make this happen 🙂


Naomi Turner


Naomi Turner

I became involved in the Festival following, among other things, a stint working in innovation policy. I became quite disillusioned, feeling that ‘innovators’ were often self-selecting, and frequently contemptuous of everything that had become before, without learning from history. I’m now interested in how we value maintenance and innovation, how we fund them and why. I hope that the Festival is a way to explore this false dichotomy and foster new conversations about how we can better care for others around us, our communities and environment.

Ross Dalziel


Frustrated with assumptions around the Maker meme that miss the point of the Dark Matter of Makerspaces and obscure an important part of technical culture; a communal resilience that sits just below the surface of the shiny stuff. I’m interested in the opportunity to articulate this in STEM/STEAM education and beyond. Also slowly discovering the maintenance required in bio-science through research at Lancaster University. Once you put on the maintenance glasses you see it everywhere!


Neyanya Schiff

Jackie Pease @jackie_pease

Tati Wells (.Abya Yala.) @tacira
From Brazil and beyond. Metareciclagem.

Marc Barto @marc_in_london 

Hwa Young Jung

Alex Lennon

John Grant @jhngrant