Festival of Maintenance 2020

Thank you for your support so far! The Festival team are now starting to plan for 2020. If you would like to help out in any way, please get in touch. We’re all volunteers, and with more people it’s easier to put on a better Festival.

You can find the complete 2019 Festival, with all the speakers and sessions, in video form on YouTube.

We’re also thinking about keeping the conversations about maintenance going between Festivals, perhaps with online talks or discussions. Would you participate in these? Are there speakers or topics or formats you’d like to see? Let us know! We’re thinking about topics including maintenance and climate change, design and maintenance, technical debt, community maintenance, and right to repair.

The Festival team chat and come up with ideas in a Slack group chat; you’re welcome to join us there. We’re also building a list of useful maintenance-themed resources – it’s an “Awesome” list on GitHub, and is easy to edit – you’re welcome to contribute.

Best wishes for 2020,
The Festival of Maintenance team